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    Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas bullies, lend me your ears.

    This is the repost for the states I haven't made any contacts in yet.

    I'm planning a trip from Southern California to Tenessee. I am attempting to map out a path along the 10 and/or 40 that will take me to as many jits schools as possible.

    What I'm looking for are good schools that will accomodate a polite guest or at the very least does not have an overwhelming mat fee.

    I'm also looking for people who go to those schools to introduce me. And I'll go ya' one further, I wouldn't mind a couch or a floor to crash on for single nights here and there (though I don't expect everyone to volunteer this).

    I'm going to be collecting material and blogging it on bullshido once I reach my destination. I won't be smothered in cash during this trip, but I will be feeding myself, and I am willing to trade rolling time or private lessons for couch space/use of a washing machine should any of Ye Lower Belts be interested.

    So, any volunteers, leads, or couches? :) I will be starting this trek in a week or two, so I will be bumping this mercilessly.
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    Enjoy the trip mate! And hope you will reach your destination safely. Best of luck!

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    SOrry out of town. I'm not familiar with most of the Jits schools in this area. There is a school associated with Capoeira Axe in Phoenix, I would contact them. Some MMA schools in the area also but can't vouch for any of them.


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