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    There's this example of no-grip footsweeps in kendo -

    The match starts at 3.00. My impression is that is was at least partially staged for the camera, especially the final disarm and thrust.

    It's been a while since I looked into longsword fencing, but I can't recall too many direct analogs to ashiwaza in the historical European longsword sources, unless we count things like the occasional stamping kick to the opponent's lead knee from the bind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GenericUnique View Post
    I don't know judo (!) but I understand ashiwaza to mean foot sweeps. Assuming that's correct, then the problem is that in the bind, for the longsword styles I'm familiar with, the opponent is unlikely to be significantly off balance. Without a grip to break his balance, attacking his footing is unlikely to be successful. All the throws from the bind I can think of involve securing such a grip to his upper body or arm before throwing him.

    This is pretty much my sentiment.

    My experience with foot sweeps in fencing have led me to believe that they are almost always inferior methods of dropping people. Foot sweeps tend to work well on people who stand somewhat stiffly, have their feet close to each other, and\or are standing horizontally. So if you are in the bind and you both wind up into the Kron, this often leads to people having horizontal foot positions or at least non-deep stances, and thus this is a good time to foot sweep (additionally you have contact with the upper body so you can push as you sweep). However if two people are in the bind and have deep Waage stances the foot sweep is rarely effective, and it is inferior to throws like the double-leg takedown and hip throws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by judoka_uk View Post
    I don't know anything about sword fighting outside of a few fencing lessons at school and a dabble in Kendo. However, I know a little bit about Judo.
    I do both. In fact, tonight is Judo night. I study under Bob Sprayley and Michael Yoshida here in the Dayton, OH area. Tomorrow night night is WMA night and I teach. We study Broadsword as part of our foundational basis for Bowie (among other things).

    Do he dynamics of sword fighting make this more difficult quite possibly, I don't know enough about sword fighting to say definitively.
    In fact, they do. In particular, your reference to de ashi harai is much more difficult to hit when sword-fighting. This is because the length of the weapons tends to push range much farther out, well out of foot-sweep range. This is why Peter specified "from the bind." Only when the swordsmen have either Passed the Point or entered into bind (or a few other rare occasions) are they close enough to grapple and sweep.

    There tend to be two kinds of "Bind," I've found. The first is people who really aren't familiar with the Bind and don't have a clue what to do. This ends up looking very classic hollywood where they lock up each others blades, settle their weight, and try to turn it into a strength contest. In this case any sort of drawing technique (pulling the opponent's push) can bring the opponent forward and into a trip or throw. For instance (just pulling it out of the air), if you're right handed and enter a bind you can "parry"/force to your outside (right), turning to your right, grasping (or not) with your left hand and do things like modified Tai Otoshi or Uchi Mata. Of course modified O/Ko Uchi Gari and that class are all available as well.

    The second (general) kind of Bind is done by people who have a clue. These folks are going to be much more "fluid" in the bind. They'll look for opportunities to unbind, wind, trip/throw, or use offhand striking (or potentially secondary weapons). All bets are off with these guys. :)

    Peace favor your sword,

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    For foot sweeps without much gripping you can look for ideas into shotokan karate sparring .

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