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    Quote Originally Posted by ojgsxr6 View Post
    I carry this on my weak side because I can open it left handed. It's been very reliable opening not so much closing. which is why I only use it in an emergency.
    Weak side carry is another valid argument for an auto knife. Didn't think about that. I can open my folders with my left hand, but it's definitely not quick or easy. When I'm carrying a pistol on my right side, it's hard to get to a knife in my right pocket and having a knife handy on the weak side is good for weapon retention anyway.

    Also the point Aaron Fields made about bulky gloves is a good one.

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    I've owned that auto Benchmade, a SOG and a few others and still own a few Kershaw/Ken Onion assisted folders.

    Only thing i'd add is the assisted knives i have tend to pop open unintentionally much easier and are less sturdy than the autos i've owned.

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    I like autos. Very fun. I never buy or carry them anymore though. The ones I actually like are all too expensive for my taste since I tend to be pretty rough on my blades. So I stick to Leatherman Blades or tip up small EDC knives.

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