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    L1guy I get your point and to be fair you are correct. Caffeine and glutamine can lead to upset stomachs if done directly pre work out.

    If done are regular intervals around the day its not a problem though.

    I will conceed the fact that I was thinking about lifting when I wrote my answer but my stomach doesnt get upset so pre mma (1 hour before) I do like glutamine, whey protein and a caffeine tablet 15 min before mma.

    As for creatine, yeh people generally cycle creatine for creatine saturation. I personally am a bit lazy so I don't do loading phases just gradual saturation and washout phases.

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    whey protein, cottage cheese, toast with jelly before.

    whey protein, fruit, granola bars (natures valley ftw), chocolate milk after.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sang View Post
    When training is really hard on my body (twice a day workouts, fight training, or severe calorie deficit) i drink no fat milk mixed with yoghurt, honey and lots of ice throughout the workout then drink the last half right as i finish.
    Any chance of you dropping a recipe? that sounds badass... I just know I'd mess up the consistency.. do you blend or shake it or something, and how does it turn out?

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    I just shake it. The trick to getting the consistency right is to be on such a low calorie/low carb diet that even if it's watery it tastes like ambrosia.

    Usually I go 1 cup no fat milk, 3-4 tablespoons of low fat yoghurt (less thick is better) and a squirt of honey for taste. I add in heaps of ice which partially dissolves in the hour before i get there and shake the crap out of it before drinking.

    It's a cheap mans peri-post workout drink which tastes good and comes in a similar ratio of protein to carbs as the popular ones on the market. When I'm fight training and cutting it makes for an incredible improvement during the next workout.
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