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    There is always a market for quality, used, 1911s. Keep that in mind because in my experience guys who compete tend to turn over pistols a bit more frequently than John Q. Public. I have a Kimber Custom Classic (series I) that is accurate as goddam balls, smooth as silk and has a great trigger. I'm not sure if they are still making them to the same level (I am also not crazy about the swartz safety in the IIs) but definately worth a look. I also have had good luck with my Springfield SS Loaded. Not quite as accurate as the Kimber but reliable as Hell and more accurate than most of the plastic pistols out there (except my freaky G23, don't like them in general but that thing is a goddamn laser, my G22 not so much).
    Kimber Custom Classic is great for sure.

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    Glock makes a good EDC gun that can be used for competition.

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    Is this for IDPA? If then, the order tends to be (depending on class)
    glock -> beretta -> sig

    Order of popularity though, not necc. the best.
    I'm going to start IDPA on my cougar and then as I get better or ammo gets too expensive, move to a 92fs.
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    I gotta know what that gif is from, dwkfym.

    Further, my preference for pistols is and always will be some 1911 variant. Hard to beat that single action trigger pull.

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