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    Doubt naturally... Is that saying you think this guy is on steroids too? Did your girl send naked pictures of herself to him or something? I've seen people pissed, but this almost seems like a personal vendetta, if he belted himself up, so what, he'll get smoked in GI, Has this guy seen these postings or commented on them in his own words? and whose "EVERYONE" up here. Where is here? o, vermont, I see now. Hmmmm. so what does Adam have to say for himself.?

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    Woah. Alex Van Halen got huge. Join us... or die
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    I literally understood nothing you said. Something about NAGA and self promotion and Mat Santos. I have no idea what your point was, and you seemed to be arguing with some imaginary person who was making points not on this thread.
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    He screams like a little girl as the pain ripples through his arm, shoots up into his brain, and now your dick is hard.

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    i just came across this. i know adam, and the writing style on his facebook is the same as zero tolarance. thats just his way of defending himself. hes also got this thing about steriods, if anyone has a ounce of doubt, he plays the all natural/no chemical card.. thats one reason i know its him.

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