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    Are you saying you want to get your metab back to normal so you don't gain any more weight by eating normally..?
    As you eat more you should keep exercising regularly ofcourse, try to stay on your feet alot or keep moving. But you can do other things like drink green tea or have cinnamon to help metabolism or drink lots of water. Keep having breakfast and your other meals even if they're small and other things in between. I know from starving for sometime then eating normal again just fucks your metabolism and you put on lbs after a meal...Damn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeane View Post
    however my sleep has become messed up(hard to get to sleep). is that natural for this kind of change?
    Well, if you feel hungry before going to bed it may not help. Also, try not to eat 2 hours before bed. Appart of that, I'm sorry but I can't help you. No idea.

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