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    I ended up going with a Cold Steel Peace Keeper I. It just arrived & I spent the last 10 minutes stabbing the hell out of the box it was shipped in.

    So far I’m pretty happy with it. It’s a good thruster with a solid grip that can handle like a rondel, but has the added versatility of being able to slice. Of course, it’s shorter than a rondel would be, but still of a decent length. Not the perfect knife to my mind, but a very good place to start.

    Thanks for the advice everybody.
    I feel bad that I didn't remember that. I used to have one of those. It was cheap(ish), razor sharp and actually wasn't horrible for throwing, either. I gave it to a guy who I was in Iraq with.

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    It's a little late, but if you're looking for a longer than average dagger that's more like the medieval ones you like, you might want to look into Arkansas toothpicks.

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