Are you a new to the world of strength training? Have you yet to make a start because you keep endlessly researching different programs, comparing the relative merits of different exercises: compound or isolation, lifting for strength or hypertrophy. Do you worry about how it will affect your speed and conditioning?

Well this post is here to tell you to RELAX.

I was once that person. Not only did I do research to familiarize myself with the basics by reading the good advice posted here, I did what I described above, I geeked out and believed that if I educated myself enough I could make the perfect program and thus make the biggest gains in the shortest period of time.

When I did start something I would often switch programs having been convinced of the benefits of something else. Of course this only meant more time being wasted and less real progress being made.

Now itís not unlikely that you are into martial arts, and strength training, because you are on the slimmer end of the spectrum of body types. Certainly true for me. Iím 1.75m and have been about 63kgs for most of my 20s. Itís also true that I would often say that ďI eat loads and no matter what I do I canít gain weightĒ

So this is where things start to look up. Last year I caught mono, hahahah yes, the kissing disease, but less funny was being completely house bound for a month. So when I got better I decided Iíd do things differently: I met a personal trainer and discussed my aims with him and started lifting weights.

Equally important we discussed diet; eating clean and eating often. Both things were different to what I had previously believed.

So if you are looking to start lifting weights here is my advice as a fellow noob:

Make sure you are in good enough health to start
Do enough research so you have an understanding of the basics (do NOT obsess, as a noob you really donít need to)
Ideally train with someone experienced (remember their expertise is a result of reading AND doing. youíve probably only done one of those things properly)
Pay attention to your diet
Donít give up