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    Earn Your Horns: Open Staff Positions

    We're only a few weeks out from 91% done with the site overhaul being completed. Consequently, we're going to need to bring a few individuals on board to help out. Initial compensation will include a Staff tag, access to the Content Development Forum, and possibly some actual monetary compensation in some form once we work out the convoluted details that such would involve.

    Sports Writer/Columnist (2, maybe 3)

    This is the kind of opportunity that a few people will take advantage of to become famous and end up working at ESPN after a few years, and then wistfully look back at how we gave them their shot. So don't puke up mom's spaghetti, here's your chance to cram your ideas about MMA and Combat Sports, down the throats of the Internet.

    The Sports Writer will be responsible for analyzing upcoming fights/events, doing post-fight commentary, and keeping track of primarily MMA, and a separate position for someone who follows grappling (NAGA, ADCC, etc). Editorializing is perfectly fine, especially if you want to be the next Seanbaby, but it must be done based on facts (we're Bullshido, after all).

    Time Commitment: however long it takes you to do 5, 200 word articles; or 2-3 500+ word articles a week.

    News Commissar (1)

    The News Commissar reports to the News Czar (PizDoff). He or she, basically, is responsible for posting 5 or so news stories to the front page about MMA, Martial Arts, or the other crap we talk about here. Said stories should be brief (no more than 200 words), and in some cases, simply calling attention to key discussion threads and upcoming Throwdowns (in which case all you need to do is basically dig up a moderately relevant image, and link to the thread).

    Time Commitment 5-ish hours a week.

    Video Czar (1)

    The Video Czar is someone who spends a buttload of time on YouTube, Vimeo, etc, and consequently, runs into all sorts of spectacular and craptacular videos about MMA, Martial Arts, Fitness, Guns, Skepticism, blah blah all the other crap we discuss here.

    Said Czar will then use the extremely complicated process of posting a link and a description to said content in the Bull Tube section of the site. Each Wednesday, the Video Czar will select the best video of the week to be featured on the front page, take a screen cap of a key moment in the video, and post a news item about it. (ex: "HEY BUTTHOLES, click the image to watch this video about a Taekwondo clown getting beaten to death by a gang of spidermonkeys at a children's party in Calcutta!"

    Ideally this person would also be able to do some basic video editing (slapping Bullshido bumpers and watermarks on a video, slicing off stupid parts), and upload original content to the BullshidoVideos YouTube account... just not crap that'll get us banned again (**** YUOU JUSTIN OCH).

    Time Commitment: about 5-10 hours a week (depending on how long it takes you to copy and paste a link, really).

    Bull Bookie (1)

    Look, Phrost knows ****-all about setting odds. That's your job. Maybe you compare notes with Vegas, maybe with Vinnie the Shank. We won't ask questions, as long as you update the odds on all major MMA events.

    How to Apply

    Email me (Phrost /at/ a quick explanation of which job you want to do, why you want to do it, any relevant experience you've had in the past, and 3 or more links to what you consider to be your better posts here on the site.

    Any questions (that aren't stupid)?

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    Good luck with the roll out Neal, If I can be of use in any other area even if it's niff-naff and trivia, don't heitate to ask.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

    ~Ella Wheeler

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    I will be launching a website myself this year, and could use the training.

    However, the amount of working time you demand, I cannot give it, sadly.

    I can, though, provide one well rounded EngRish text per week,
    the length varying with the topic.
    Much like Scrapper did with his "Wandering Monk" column,
    just more focused on the trivial.

    - If that is of use to you, of course.

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    So the previous candidates are AWOL, all of the positions above have opened back up.

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    Thread opened to non Supporting Members.

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    wish my posts on the site didn't suck so much...can I point you to some of my blog posts? they're much better

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    SAMBO/BJJ/Judo and others
    I would like to apply for the News Commissar position. I am always checking various online news outlets and can definetly fill that role.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaiderFunk View Post
    wish my posts on the site didn't suck so much...can I point you to some of my blog posts? they're much better
    Sure. Feel free to post the links.

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    I'll sports write.

    But do you really need 5 articles a week?

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    The more people volunteer, the fewer we'll need per person.

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