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    A Ronin Black Belt.... It almost has a Brazilian sound to it. But By definition, Ronin is a Japanese word for a wandering Samurai....or a master-less Warrior. Not a master warrior mind you, but one that has no master.

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    An update to this thread. I know often times Bullshido does updates to investigation threads as to any outcomes that transpire due to the investigation. (I.E. schools closing the Walid denouncement video etc.) So after checking with a MOD to see if the info I had was pertinent I am posting the following and these are acurate to the best of my knowledge.

    1) Scott Lewis is no longer the primary BJJ instructor for Chaos Martial Arts. He sought other oppurtunities in early Feb of 2012.

    2) John Sanders a black belt under Rodrigo Mederios has taken over the BJJ program at Chaos.

    3) Some students opted for training under alternate instructors in the local area some opted to stay at Chaos and train under John Sanders.

    4) Under urging from Ryron, Scott took steps to receive his BB. ( I do not know which Gracie awarded this to him or what logistics were involved, I would assume Ryron did as I know they are personal friends with each other, Ralek Gracie also recently conducted a seminar in the area and possibly evaluated Scott as well. This however is an assumption)

    5) Scott is now recognized as a BB as indicated on the Gracie Academy website link provided below. the list is alpahbetical by first name he is shown 4th from bottom. With an award date of Jan 2012.

    He is in various video located on as Ryrons Uke as well as Raleks Uke in upcoming weeks.
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    He was teaching BJJ at Manchester karate school (A Gracie Academy affiliate). He was suddenly released from his position as BJJ instructor. The reason given was that the Gracie Academy could not confirm who he received his Brown or Black Belt from.

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    He is no longer on the list of certified Black Belts...weird????

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