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    Mixing striking with grappling with weight training

    Hello -

    Just started BJJ and loving it! I weight train three days a week and do BJJ twice a week. Since I come from a striking background (Kyokushin Karate) I miss hard sparring and the bruises etc. I am thinking what would be the ideal way of splitting Muay Thai, BJJ and weight lifting in a weekly schedule so that as I become a competent grappler, my striking skills do not rust and I also do not over train myself. I am training to be a BJJ black belt and I doubt if anyone has gotten to black belt by rolling twice a week. Am I right?

    How to people who mix grappling with weights and striking train on a weekly basis and still become ahem .... BJJ black belts?

    Thanks in advance for your answers ...

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    You sound a lot like me (want to do everything) but prioritize your goals
    if getting a black belt comes at the top of the list, forget the striking and go all in with BJJ and change up your workouts to facilitate your grappling cardio and not just brute strength

    im just a guy rambling to take what i say with a grain of salt and find your own path :)

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    You could go with a simple 2-2-1 setup. 2 days of grappling 2 days of striking 1 day of mixed (something like striking with takedowns/light rolling). This gives you a nice mix and gives you a chance to put the two together.

    I am not sure if you have a place that will allow/does striking w/ takedowns but there are options. Many times your gym will have open mat time. If that is not open many times a "workout" gym will have an ope area with mats.

    good luck.

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    I'm pretty much doing the same thing, exept for the black belt I dont really care what colour my belt is, I belong to a MMA gym and a BJJ academy so I am only training BJJ twice a week 2 hrs a session but the rest of the time I'm traing MMA so I get to work on my striking and get to use my BJJ every class. Consider your mind set of training for a black belt, and just training to be the best BJJ practitioner you can be, my advice dont chase belts.
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