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    You didn't click those links did you? Going to Thailand in 2011 doesn't mean anything when, the thread and comments were stated in 2006.

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    How bad can a gym be that has multiple amateur fighters with winning records on the IKF site?

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    Seems legit.

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    This is old I know, but I spent a yr in St.John's, Newfoundland for school. After checking out this school, 8 limbs, I came away with a very uneasy feeling. The guy claims to be a pro fighter and that he fought in Thailand. There is no record of him any where on the web, no vids, pics, nothing. Now he is the vice president of Canadian Muay Thai Council-Amature, what that means I don't know. The story around town is that he is a fraud and salesman and is good at talking **** and selling his story and school. He has some how got himself affiliated with or in the good books with real muay thai schools, teachers and councils in Canada. Now his class was big, lot's of students, instruction was poor, little instruction or coaching, students where average, no one there was amazing or even armature level as far as I am concern. Just my opinion and my experience, needlss to say I never joined his school

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    James the owner if this school is a fraud. Many years ago when he started I was living in Thailand for 4 years completed a course with the world Muay Thai council and fought in Thailand to become a teacher.

    I came home for a surprise visit after many years away and saw his school. I sat and watched a full class and his girlfriend at the time was teaching. She was speaking Japanese and teaching some sort of karate telling people she was speaking Thai and teaching Muay Thai.

    I stood up explained how angry I was kicked a long bag which went through the wall due to swinging so hard since it was not filled properly. I then hosted a free seminar at our university training area to demonstrate to newfoundland at the time what true Muay Thai was.

    He called me a couple days later and began to cry and said please do not out him. He since then has affiliated him self with Siam number one which I actually trained and fought for while living in Thailand. This was over 6 years ago and I have heard he straightened up and in 6 plus years you can learn a lot.

    I know for a fact he is not a legit black belt under Gracie. I have a Gracie jiu jitsu tattoo on me and I lived in Brazil and busted my balls to get a purple belt and 6 years ago he was not a black belt and it offends me to think that he is telling people he is now.

    Anywys that's his origins make your own decision many people do martial arts for different goals and he maybe able to provide one of them. If honesty and arts and science behind a combat system are one of your goals I would look else where.

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    Muay Thai is AWESOME!

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