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    Ip was never shot either and on that note we will just disagree. I enjoy many ficitionalized Biopics from Malcolm X to Braveheart.

    As to the cameos, If they fought the entire movie I would have a problem. I took it differently than you. A bunch of Masters thinking they were the **** finding out they shouldn't fight. It reminded me of the people I have encountered who are fat and sit behind a desk spouting the deadly.

    The whole, you must bow to me because I was a badass.

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    Not trying to argue just seeing the shortcomings of my reply's.

    The First Yip Man movie was completely fictional as well but fairly interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chainpunch View Post
    There is nothing wong with graceful cameos no need to try to keep up with what you cant do anymore.
    You must hate Quintin Tarantino movies, then.

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