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    Last Shooto Japan Report!

    Shooto Report
    March 4, 2004
    Tokyo, Japan

    Report by walid and pictures by Guillaume Jubien

    The event took place in the Town Hall, in Shimo Kitazawa. Having lost my way, I ask directions to a cute girl and it appears that she's going there too!
    Japan must be the only place where I'll see a girl going on her own to a fighting event like that.
    Having arrived at the entrance, I sign my name and get my press badge.

    As we enter, we can see some of the fighters warming up in the ring. The arena is small, on 2 sides of the ring there are 6 rows of chairs and on the other side only 2 rows of chairs. I stand on the edge where I can get a good view
    of the action and I'm just at 5-6 meters of the ring...

    Pictures and Full Report at www.kakuto.com

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    Pequeno is the fukking man. He's pretty much untouchable now. I wish Pride had his weight class so we can watch him destroy people on PPV.
    "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu, ca. 400BC

    Reverse punch Kiaii!!!

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    Did you hit that?


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