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    Kimura BJJ - Watertown, MA

    I've trained at three Brazilian Jiu Jitsu places over the years, and they've all been good. This is where I'm currently training, and as a long-time lurker I figured I would finally post a review.

    Great school with great instruction. Most people are strongly encouraged to compete, although I haven't yet. We seem to do well, winning a bunch of the local NAGA/GQ tournaments.

    Very friendly atmosphere. Good mix of people from a variety of backgrounds, although of course Brazilian male is the dominant demographic. Typically 0-2 women per class.

    If you've never tried BJJ, you should. I still find it absurdly fun, and is a nice break from staring at glowing rectangles all day.

    (And yes, I did read the stickied post on ratings, so hopefully these are accurate.)
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    BJJ is absurdly fun...I love it after striking training because you can go so much harder in grappling than you can in striking without serious injury to yourself or your training partner.

    Anyway glad to hear you've got something real going on. cheers:)


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