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    Quote Originally Posted by Syphilis View Post
    eh from march or april on it'll be E45/month for unlimited access. I think that's not very expensive to train with Hippolyte and Maxim.

    Uhh yeah we got new blue belts yes! The Blue Belts we got are all legit though, the judo guy usually beats me because he's so fing strong and explosive and the surinamer is solid as hell.

    Not sure about the latter; does he come from Leiden?
    45 is good!
    like you said, esp when you get to learn from those guys!

    pm coming up,i dont like throwing names all over the place here.

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    I guess the event can be officially called *canceled*, or so.

    If you guys are still interested, in spite of the rather lame responses, let me know.

    I will be available for the two last weeks of August, so,
    if you want to get your asses kicked, and later watch me how I again mistake prostitutes for "just another girl looking to have fun", send me a PM.

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