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    You haven't trained martial arts before have you? Those techniques take the same effort as BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, wrestling etc etc etc. Also, it is not "made for the streets." Read up more and realize that the Krav you will learn is admittedly watered down and is not the version that the Police and the IDF use.
    I have taken jiu jitsu before and liked it as well. However I am aware that there is no 'best style', there is an 'ideal style' for each individual's interests. So although I like jiu jitsu a lot, Krav Maga is still what has interested me the most. Regardless, considering this school is the only Krav school in my area and doesn't even seem to be a good one, I'll be sticking with the Muay Thai school I looked forward to joining.

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    krav maga

    Krav Maga is not a style it is a system. The tecniques are from all different styles but was perfected for the Iserali special forces. As for Commando Krav Maga, Moni, All of his claims of being in the special forces and training the special forces and meeting Imi the founder of krav maga are false, he was not a major, he was a seargant with not ties to special forces. He only met Imi the founder one time. He claimed to be the co founder of krav maga but its all bull. He is being sued at the moment for charging all of those poor fools to be certified krav maga instructors, around $2000 for three days. It takes at least 23 days to be certified instructor in krav maga with past training in it or a black belt in some other style of martial arts. And then only by an Isreali guy. Look for Krav Maga Global or Krav Maga internatinal or krav maga world and you can find some schools or courses coming up.

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    I was wondering if you managed to find a KM school in Calgary? Did you check out Jimmy Hall's class? If yes, what were your impressions?

    Thanks in advance,


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