Seakson Janjira-Head Instructor of Janjira Muay Thai was a former World Muay Thai Champion from Pattaya, Thailand. He oversees every class and has a good understanding of MMA. He knows how to make his techniques work for the ring and the cage.

His students are exceptionally good at kicking and clinching. His english isn't great. But he knows how to demonstrate proper technique for everyone to see. He also shows how improper techniques look and gives examples on why they should be avoided. Saekson doesn't take it easy on his students if he sees a mistake, he'll make sure to fix your form. But on top of that practice is usually funny due to his character.

I expected the place to be a little bigger, but there is enough room, 2 bathrooms, and a floor ring. Some fighters that started here include Anthony Njokuani and Pete Spratt. The younger fighters have a high knock-out victory ratio. In the DFW area the gym is becoming as sought out by Mixed Martial Artists that want to learn striking as Carlos Machado's gym is sought out for grappling.