Hello, I was looking for a martial arts school for my 9 yera old son. I was thinking about Ben Hur in Great Neck. I saw you posted a review about him, but when I went to the link, nothing showed?. I am interested in your opinion about this school. My son used to go to Tiger Schulamns in Bayside, and it is very pricey. Thanks for any replies.

I have however visisted two schools in Little Neck that were both bad. The first was http://www.ngaikido.com They are not only the typical Aikido limp noodle drills type place, but also they lied to me straight out, which bothered me immensley. They told me the reason that they trained that way was so that nobody would get injured, and that nobody ever had. I talked to someone else watching who literally seconds earlier had told me she had badly strained a tendon in her leg.

The other place I visited was Ben Hur Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. See here.

There are quite a few places in the area I know of. It really depends how far you want to travel though because I don't want to spend hours digging up old addresses all for naught. I recall that I found some places in floral park, new hyde park, great neck, manhasset. Of course I did all this research not knowing how to drive, so very few of the places I found actually applied to me.[/QUOTE]