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    Yes it does say Brandon Lee Gordon.

    Rock Ape, I know you are not looking for translation so much right now, and I know there are other members who also speak Japanese, but wanted to offer my and my wife's (Native) services for this investigation or other if you need it.

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    Thanks mate.. I speak a moderate amount of conversational Nihongo but my written skills suck, so any and all help would be most appreciated. Please extend my thanks to your other half and I'll let you know as and when I need assistance. In the mean-time, if your wife wanted cast her eyes over the documents in this thread already and highlight whatever inaccuracies exist, that would be most useful, ironically, I'm just starting to flesh out the written article which will be hosted in our encyclopedia.

    If it's not too much work (or trouble) where ever inaccuracies exist, could hose be highlighted in English but, also with the equiv Japanese text?

    What's the best way of making contact with you, here or via email ?
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