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    They may have got my address (From the BJJ masterTExt order) but look they are all under my control!!!

    They are all getting annoyed by me! And making fun of me!

    Remember you use to battle me wars after wars until you realized that you can't beat me?

    These people are in stages that you once was......they are against me!

    The only way to Draw me is to flow with the flow!!!

    I think you should go there and advise them!

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    Forget it, Aranha deleted it....

    Because I sent him a e-mail threatning to lawsuit and or contact a Customer Rights Violations Organization...(Carbon copied to Banks and Donna Troy just for the hell of it)


    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is another VICTORY for Grandmaster Alter7nate! Let's all celebrate!!!

    Aranha got SCARED and "girly" DELETED my address from the forum!!


    I mean, I don't care if Aranha give away my address...he need to PURCHASE that right or else we'll ahve to resolve this problem the Rorion Gracie method!


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