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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach Josh View Post
    In for the meantime.
    *reads post, takes TD 50% more seriously*

    Aren't you and Tim coming down to Austin soon?

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    March 11 or 12th is the deal as of now for the movie premier but I cant promise we will have time to do anything since we don't know any times. As it gets closer I will let yall know and maybe we can setup something at a gym for all our guys that will be attending to do some rolling.

    Hmmm this sounds like a really good idea to promote the whole thing. Let me talk to Tim and see what he thinks and I will get more info on the film time and stuff and we can do something.
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    Any chance NWP can make it to this party? Haven't heard him chime in yet.
    This time around I can get Mrs Monkey to hold a camcorder for most of the event (or as long as she can maintain any semblance of interest.) Hopefully this time I wont forget the tripod and remote.

    I also expect a lot more drinking at the end of the night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emevas View Post
    I used to **** guys like you in prison.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rock Ape View Post
    Dude I kill people for a fucking living.


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    Cool, can we do it March 19th or 26th?

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