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Thread: San Soo Rules

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    Don't mess with the Mega-Buster supporting member
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    Out there man, way out there
    A+B, D-Pad
    Oh Burn! BURN!!
    If I buy you a plane ticket will you fly out here
    and pose in an avataresque display of kung fu mastery?
    Cuz' I been feellin a little down lately, what with
    my J-Lau flame being a total debacle and my brutaliziation
    at the hands of foriegn imports leaving me at the mercy of two armed grapplers everywhere. So c'mon give us a laugh will your best friend.
    (don't forget the 'stache and the glasses)
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    Secret moves such as hitting a thing with your hand and hitting a thing with your leg have been stolen and degenerated by arts like karate, boxing, muay-thai, Kung-fu, and basketball. -Epicurious

    I for one welcome our new Ninja overlords.

    I figure fighting a group of chunners would be like water torture, its not the force as such, just the constant trickle of chain punches wearing down your sanity. -The Juggernoob

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