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    Looking for school in Cape Coral, Florida

    I've got a friend in the Cape Coral, Florida area who's wanting to start training and I'm trying to help him find a decent school. Is anyone familiar with that area and could make a recommendation?

    A couple I found through Google:
    * http://www.capejudo.com/
    Looks like a decent Judo school

    * http://www.blacktrunk.net/
    Machado/Gracie Barra school taught by an ex-wrestler, BJJ black. Looks pretty good from the website.

    I have told him to check both out to see what he thinks, but if anyone has further recommendations I would appreciate it.

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    I've been to black Trunk a bunch of times. Sean Wilson is a phenominal Black belt with a lot of Top notch students. It's a very good, no ego place with excellent instruction. Highly recommended. I vacation in Cape Coral and have been stopping by black trunk for over 4 years. I have nothing bad to say about that place.


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