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    I've been wanting to get Gene's Club grappling book and DVD set for a while now. It's out of my budget even before postage from the US.

    I've been thinking about getting the book by itself but I'd really like to check out the DVDs. Anyone seen them?
    I'm not sure of the content, not having studied it myself. But people who I trust say it's good stuff. Not that this is any sort of surprise. Gene LeBell is nearly universally recognized as an authority on grappling.

    My BJJ instructor studies Kali as well so shouldn't be too hard to get some stick grappling practice.
    Mixing grappling and stick fighting is not as simple as just learning the two. It's much like fighting with two weapons. Each weapon must be learned and how to properly integrate them must be learned as well. However, if your BJJ instructor has made such a study, and I suspect he may have, then he's probably got a good line on how to integrate.

    That aside, the Dog Brothers have really done a lot to hoe that row of beans and are a very good source for proper integration.

    Got to drill the fundamentals first.
    I hear that.

    The Irish stick stuff is going to be difficult to come accross, a good DVD would be great.
    I know that Mr. Doyle was working on a DVD and I signed up for a ping when he got it finished but I didn't get the ping so I don't know if he's finished or if it got accidentally swept into my spam filter or whathaveyou.

    Peace favor your sword,

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    I would also recommend ARMA's approach, as they integrate grappling and takedowns with all kinds of weapons. Incidentally, I just ordered "The Polearms of Paulus Hector Mair", a book about P.H.M.'s treatise on armed martial arts. It's a good resource for fighting with 'stick' like objects straight from the WMA tradition. You don't get much more authentic than that.

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    Resuscitating this thread to recommend the new documentary "Knuckle", which is now available via Netflix:

    It deals with the long tradition of bare-knuckle fights that punctuate feuds between Traveller families in Ireland; so, not specific to stick fighting, but perhaps very revealing of the social climate that engendered faction fighting during the 19th century.

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