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    Most of the time, it's force plus one as the legal response.

    i.e. Someone one punches you, you can kick them -- but not stab them or break a limb.

    In Canada, they'd crucify you just for having the folder on you, so what you did with it would be immaterial.
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    I think it would be a good thing to train. Accessing and deploying your blade can be difficult under pressure. The cool thing about folders is that you can use it as an impact/pressure point device, either because you couldn't get the blade out for whatever reason, or in a force escalation manner.

    As to how a jury would look at it, any time you introduce a knife, in whatever configuration, you are bringing lethal force into the mix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donoraen View Post
    I search functioned and came back with nothing, so I was wondering if any LEOs could tell me if i used a closed folder as a kubaton would it still be considered deadly force since technically I'm still using a knife to defend myself? Also would I be better off legally speaking with using a tactical flashlight?
    If there are no other issues ( see chapter 46 of the Texas Penal Code ), when someone sees it in your hand and shoots you for it the shooter will in all probability be justified.

    You would IMHO be better off with a can of OC or OC/CS ( see chapter 46 of the Texas Penal Code ) or even a Taser if your looking for non-deadly force aside from hand to hand.

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