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I'll say my impression of him was that he's honest and teaching arts he believes are effective.


I'm interested in the backgrounds of Oklahoma JKD students/instructors.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I came across it on a Google search, and thought I might be able to help if you were still wondering about Joel's background. For a time he was going to Combative Arts Academy in Los Angeles. He was one of the advanced students there, and an assistant to the teachers. I was a beginner student there, so I interacted with him a bit. I don't know anything about him now, especially if he's moved to Oklahoma, but I agree with the assessment that he's an honest person. As I recall, if my memory isn't screwed up, he would work as a bouncer when he was in LA. If that's right, I don't doubt he has practical ability. This was quite a few years ago, however.