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    now since they essentially feed on arsenic, which is generally considered a heavy metal and quite toxic to most organisms, have they determined if these bacteria emit beneficial gases?
    Not yet apparently I would assume it produces the "normal" bacterial emissions for its type, but bacteria often consume toxic chemicals like methane. There is ongoing research aimed at finding bacteria that could consume methane and CO2 (the two biggest greenhouse gases) to effectually curb that problem for industrial emissions by developing bacterial scrubbing filters.

    There is already some minor skepticism about NASA's conclusions but so far a lot of consensus. We'll see.

    Some very cool speculation is now underway about what OTHER lifeforms on Earth we may just not have noticed because we didn't look in the right places, something that has been conjectured as the Earth's Shadow Biosphere

    Just want to say it one more time just because it's cool.
    Earth's Earth's Shadow Biosphere
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