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    Tara LaRosa versus Takayo Hashi and sundries

    Hey gents,

    Was working on a little bit of news that got overshadowed by the holiday and figured I'd share.

    Saw a bout last night down in Atlantic City that didn't really make a lot of noise on the local scene even though it actually meant a lot to both local and national rankings. The DaMMAge (terrible name, I know) Fight League event featured Tara LaRosa versus Takayo Hashi, which probably had some serious effects on global rankings. Details available in this article, here.

    One big thing is that I really have to eat my words regarding Hashi being overblown. The lady did a good job and deserves her ranking, win or lose.

    But, an angle of this story that I didn't get to write about was that these were international level fighters headlining a promotion's first show. It does say something about the state of women's divisions that never caught on with Bellator or Strikeforce, that those weight classes have top ranked international talent playing a show in AC that the majority of the MMA world was at best vaguely aware existed. It's almost like seeing The Lakers hold a practice on your local high school's basketball court.

    Another one that caught me was a co-headliner with veteran of just about every show out there, Chris "the Story" Liguori. Given the timing of the event I had to pick my battles on what was the most important information to write about, and he didn't make the cut as he would have on another day.

    The kid put in a show stopper of a performance but, every time he seems to be on the edge of a big national break he falls backward. Not sure if the kid will ever see the inside of a UFC octagon again no matter how well he does, since a losing record early in his career will probably follow him around for life.

    Bellator, who doesn't have any compunctions for signing journeymen with a reputation for high action, has showed interest in him in the past. But that fell through for reasons everyone's kind of quiet about. Right now I have Liguori ranked as the best North East regional fighter who just can't seem to make it into a nationally televised stage.

    Overall, dumb name aside, I found it kind of shocking that this card went so far under the radar.

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    The sad fact is that typically, one female fight is as good as another, which is why you see a lot of hype about female fighters headlining a sizable event who have maybe one or two fights... then you get top level talent fighting for peanuts on no name events just so they can stay active. It's a big shame (for both women and men) that skill in the ring may not even be a factor in where your career goes.
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