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    Welcome to bullshido. If you want to run an ad, why don't you purchase ad space or become a sponsor? Since you only posted a sentence and a link, you're coming across as a spammer or Shill. Wasn't this in the Review section initially?

    When you join a community it's smart to read the can't just blow up ratings with no information. Maybe YOU SHOULD read and research first before shilling a forum
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    Quote Originally Posted by AirRaiser View Post
    It seems apparent you chose the apparent useername---

    If you want to see proof----go to IBJJF website--look up the PAN AMS and WORLD"S--NO GI--then use your reading skills---then you will have proof or better yet actually VIST the location---
    You can either start answering member's questions, or I will ban you for spamming the site with an advertisement.

    We will not hold your hand. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the site's guidelines and rules. One of the rules states that if you make a claim, such as "I was in the Army" or "We have multiple world class competitors for instructors", you're expected to provide the proof.

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    You might want to give Newbietown a go for a while AirRaiser - people will forgive you for yor first few mistakes there, and you can check out the site and see how things work around here.

    I don't know about other people on this website, but I'm not one to simply go somewhere and check out a place just because some random fellow on the interwebz made some claims about a new gym (even were I to live in the States).

    If you want to plug this gym (which is why you are here right? I doubt you made an account on Bullshido for much else), then you could at least go about it a bit more professionaly, i.e

    • Offer more links to info, testimonials etc
    • Copy and Paste some information from the website here to give us a taster.
    • Drop the names of these World Champions that teach at your gym - I'm sure some of the learned fellows around would recognise them, and this would help with ligitimacy, which is pretty lacking in your posts so far.
    • Don't be a **** about it.
    • Become a sponsor, or purchase ad space.

    Edit: ****, people beat me to it... what they said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AirRaiser View Post
    "If you want to know more about the facility--call or check the site--do your research"
    Do your research and learn where you are.

    Donít be a dick.

    If you go some place and advertise your place, you should be ready to answer questions about it, if you canít you have no business posting the information in the first place.

    Yes I know others have already said much the same thing, but someone as dense as you needs to hear it many many times before it sinks in.

    Don't be a dick.

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    Insulting potential customers as a ploy to get us to come out and test your skills....BRILLIANT! This is potentially the greatest advertising promotion ever.

    /sarcasm off, So I looked him up he did indeed win at Seniors 1 in the feather weight and 3rd in the open weight division of nogi worlds . So good for him, doesn't give you license to act like this.

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