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    those leg kicks weren't doing ****. and he landed like 3-4. he spent the rest of the first round RUNNING AWAY while quinton pushed the fight, shoved him into the cage, stomped and kneed him, and controlled the ring. same in round 2. bam, hes won the fight unless he gts KOed in the third.
    But the stomps and knees weren't having any effect and were half done at best. The only thing I saw from Rampage during that round was one uppercut when Machida went out of the clinch. Rampage may have pushed the fight but he didn't do anything with it either, he just went into the clinch and then did nothing serious.
    I'd still give the round to Machida. Only looking at clear attacks I saw 6 low kicks and one mid kick land from machida, and one uppercut from Rampage. Mind you, if it was possible I'd give the round to neither of the two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirc View Post
    You're technically correct, but "Very Frankly" is bad writing. It's like assholes who use polysyllabic words in simple syntax sentences to try to mimic intelligence - which we all know is just cause for their lack of it.

    "Bad"? Do you mean poor?
    Polysyllabic=long, so you're one of those aforementioned assholes, got it.
    Syntax? Umm yeah, again...
    "which we all know is just cause for their lack of it"=Gibberish, seriously wtf is that?
    Here: Elements of Style
    You need this book dipshit...

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