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    Is this a vitamin deficiency?

    So basically.... I have been pretty healthy my whole life. I'm going to put my details down first.

    I am 16
    246 lbs

    I do ALOT (I seriously mean ALOT) of exercising. running, Muay Thai, alot of Boxing. how ever... I noticed how I almost nearly NEVER drank water (I forgot water existed to be honest I just started drinking it more often) and I almost NEVER got any food/nutrition... how ever I always worked out regardless. I have been feeling weird for almost a month and a half now. when I say Weird I mean I have been getting weak faster, EXTREMELY light headed after a work out.

    My body feels weak/heavy. and two days ago (my last work out) I felt heavy again during the work out. I feel a slight mental confusion ( I know where I am but it at times it feels a little difficult to speak/think) my heart beat beats faster at times or slower. light headed at times, one time my ear popped. my lips are always chapped. skin looks unhealthy. muscle twitches. eyes feeling sore. basically a lot of bs >.< and one time my hands and feet were icy cold and I felt dizzy/puking feeling.

    I talked to health professionals and they said all the working out with no food/water/nutrition e.t.c has been destroying my body/mind and they said I should look into multi-vitamins. :psyduck: I also been having some Anxiety due to the symptoms, wich is annoying. indeed.
    and honestly, I don't go to sleep untill like 1-2:00am

    feel free to ask me any questions :D

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    I see you are banned. But still, what of those symptoms did not make you stop and think maybe not eating or drinking was a bad idea?

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    this is why you should do Kung fu or a traditional chinese martial arts. One thing we learn at my school is how to focus our chi in our internal organs to remove toxins and make it so we never get sick....... JK thats a lot of strange symptoms to all be happening at once. Listen to your doctor, get some sleep, drink plenty of fluids, and maybe take it easy on the training for week and see how you feel.


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