I've gone to the last 2 EFC Africa events, here in South Africa.

Now, I've only really become really aware of MMA since I joined Bullshido earlier this year, so I can only comment on what I've seen so far.

At the last event (EFC 5), the current lightweight title holder was set to defend his belt. A few weeks before the fight, however, the contender injured himself and the fight makers got Dave "The Pain Train" Mazany (Wand Fight Team) to provide the fans with a bit of a show.

It wasn't much of a fight, as Mazany escaped our champion's triangle and wins by rear naked choke, in the first round.

Here's an article, from a local MMA site:

I read the article and through the comments, and there are some very valid points - SA's top fighters are still no match for international mediocre fighters; we should give it time to develop as we are at event 5 and the UFC is at 121; and then the usual flame nonsense and off-topic discussions.

Here are my questions:

1. Was this the case in the beginning of the UFC, StrikeForce, etc? Has the quality improved from the early inceptions, or has the whole show just become more flashy with lights and pyros, etc?

2. I know that the South African MMA leagues are still young, but shouldn't we be able to learn from existing leagues in order to get the fighters up to international quality?

3. Does the problem lie with the coaching, perhaps?

4. What qualifies a fighter as a "BJJ expert", exactly?