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    Is this now the Korean reunification thread? According to this opinion piece, NK shelling an island is just their way of saying "let's talk"

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    im new to this site. I heard of a instructor in philly who was trying to do that (i can not provide evidence for this) but was unsuccessful. Also at the dojang i go to i heard that korea was trying to combine WTF and ITF taekwondo as a way to unite korea and help put a end to the fighting but then north korea bombed south korea . . . . . . . . i didn't hear any talk of further plans to unite them after the attack. All though i do think that would be cool if it ever did happen but i dont think it ever will because of the politics that go behind it.

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    Uniting KKW TKD and ITF TKD is not going to unify Korea. First neither organization has anything to gain by unifying with each other. At best ITF stands to benefit with direct access for their people to the Olympics, but even now they can do that without unification.

    The only way unification is going to happen in NK is several bullets put through several heads, NATO growing some balls and finishing what they started 60 years ago or the people finally realizing the bs that has been melted into their brains all these years and rise up against the regime. Else...SSDD in ol' NK.
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