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Thread: Martin Faulks

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    He already has a current YMAS thread:

    And has featured recently in the appalling Daily Mail:

    When life gives you lemons... BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!

    "what's the best thing about aikido then?"
    "To be defeated by your enemies, to be driven by them from the field of battle, and to hear the lamentations of your women." ermghoti

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    Perhaps, since we're in MABS we should invite him here? There are some obvious questions that need answering (like who are his Norfolk Ninja masters, full names and contact e mail, who are the 'world class' martial arts champions he has fought etc.)

    I would be happy to send the e mail if no one else is?

    Unfortunately, I'm not on the mainland, so I can't meet him in person or drop in on a class (if he teaches) but it's worth noting that some claims he makes are directly verifiable in person. For example, he is allegedly as stealthy and silent as a panther. It may not hurt to have a local bully meet Mr Faulks and evaluate him skill wise against the claims he makes.

    Now, I'm fairly sure that I know where this is going if he makes it, so maybe we need to ask, is it worth throwing another ninjer on the fire? If so, let me know, and I'll invite him to the forum to argue what passes for his case.

    don't worry, I'll be both honest and diplomatic.


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    For what its worth im about an hour's drive away from Norwich, however I would need some serious motivation to go get ninjerd.

    I've seen Ninjers before I wasn't impressed, he would have to be something special for me to waste petrol

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    Don't forget you'll need to get through the 2 Special Ops ninjers first as they'll be protecting their protege no doubt...

    You can find out more about Martin Faulks in this new magazine too :-

    Johnny R.

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