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Thread: Martin Faulks

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    Martin Faulks

    Anyone know of this Ninjitsu tool?
    He sent me an unsolicited email trying to sell his goods.

    He has got some interesting claims.

    Learn skills such as:

    Unarmed Combat, Mastering the Four Elements, Meditation, Pick
    Pocketing, Lock Picking, Stealth, Kuji-in, Shuriken Throwing, Chain
    Weapons, Cat Claws, Climbing Techniques, Sword Fighting, Disguise,
    Ninja Strategy, The Art of Lying and Deception, Sensing Danger,
    Honing the Senses, Mind Control, Smoke Bombs, Explosives, Caltrops, Bugs and De-bugging, Techniques of Investigation and knowing
    the mind of others, Night Sights, Escape and Evasion, Instant Knock Out strikes,
    throws, arm locks, Skeleton Keys, The art of Invisibility and
    much, much more.

    Martin Faulks has been a student of the oriental martial arts since he was five years old. He is a three times national martial arts champion
    and holds black belts in both the Korean martial art Kuk Sool Won and Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (Japanese Ninjutsu) is proficient in the
    mystical disciplines of China, including Tai Chi, meditation, Qi Gong and the legendary form
    of Yi Jin Jing.

    Three things jump out at me.

    The Instant KO claim.
    The invisibility claim.
    The three time national martial arts champion claim.

    Usually I'm not the one to start the lynch mob, but I FUCKEN hate unsolicited emails from ninja cock-fags. Search function brought up nothing.

    I open the floor to discussion and debate.

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    I think this might be better suited to YMAS unless you feel you want to investigate ?
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

    ~Ella Wheeler

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    I was hoping someone with more time and experience in investigations would be interested in taking this up.

    However, bogus ninjer claims seem to be a dime a dozen and pursuing all of them could get rediculous.

    I differ to the will of the forum.

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    Well, you could start by dividing his claims up into their simple components, and do some research on the ones that can be verified/disproven. You could send him an email about who taught him etc. Shouldn’t be too hard if you’re at all serious.

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    He's got a Youtube channel if you're interested.

    Judging from the comments he seems to be an invite spammer too. Lots of wierd spiritual stuff and some short demos, nothing to really look at and critique in terms of style or technique.

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    I also got this 'email' from the same guy. What are people like this on? Anyway, after further digging I found that MAP have got a discussion on him and just saw the below.

    This guy needs taking out before he does any more damage. Whether or not you are fans of ninpo, tai chi and related areas, people like this Martin Faulks are causing a lot of problems for an already tarnished image and the perception of martial arts in general.

    Normal and sane people don't write stuff like this and then publish it :-

    "Have you heard of the 'Norfolk Ninjas' - Karl and Shaun?"
    I shook my head. "No."
    "OK. Well, these guys are local legends; they sometimes come in here."
    "Do they go to the Bujinkan class?"
    "Er, no! These are a very different breed of people. Karl and Shaun have both trained in Japan. They're both military guys, Special Forces who practice the stealth arts you're interested in. Thats the way I would go if I was you. But be really careful Martin, those two are dangerous."

    I immedietly asked if they ran classes.

    Karl shook his head. "No, mate. Classes are crap, mate"

    "The duo appeared at my house very late one night as was their custom."

    "The more I searched, the more I found that Karl and Shaun were known throughout the country for their exploits. Frowned on by many but equally respected for their Ninja skills,"

    "Both had gained black belts in a martial art called Kong Chang. They had trained in Ninjutsu and reached the point of First Kyu,"

    "Its time to go to the 'Bat Cave'!"

    Karl then put on a video, 'Robert Bussey's American Ninjutsu'.

    "I was presented with my very own Ninja suit."

    "The impact grenades are always the better option, in my opinion"

    "I wanted to learn the spiritual arts of Ninjutsu"

    Karl's reply took a month to arrive from Mexico. I opened the envelope. Inside was a small slip of paper. It simply read: "Stephen K. Hayes."

    These instructional (DVDs) lessons were wonderful, for although Stephen Hayes was not there during the day, through this medium I had hours of this tuition every evening.

    "Was he (Stephen Hayes) really about to teach me this Ninja magic?"

    "You, Martin, are going to have to find your own way of getting into the Earth mindset," said Master Norris.

    "Water Defence Against a Grab to the Chest"

    [Martin Faulks] "I had fought many different martial artists from many different countries. Some of them were world champions known to be the most skilled men in the world, with great titles, belts and fame."

    Stephen (Hayes) said, "We should practice with a sword, just for fun."

    "As soon as I got back to England I continued my elemental training,"

    "The first test for the Ninja would be the trial of Earth."

    "I had finished my elemental trials and I continued with my night stealth regime."

    "The Secret of Shanshin."

    [Talking about training in Japan at the Bujinkan Dojo] One day I was talking to some of the western students they threatened me. "Where do you live in England?." I told them. "We can have someone at your door in 30 minutes if you betray us,"

    "This is for you." He handed me a plastic bag. I opened it and inside was a beautiful ornate black belt.

    "I instantly knew how I would bring about the destruction of my enemy. I listened to the song 'Temptation' by Heaven 17,"

    "I made an offering of 30 yen to the Kami,"

    "Some of the spirits of Mount Togakure had become part of me,"

    "With Shaun in the Philippines and Karl travelling the world as a gun for hire, I was left in their area. The legend had continued."

    "The world of the Ninja has become stiff and limited like Karate or any other martial art. I wanted to do something to raise its game, to bring respect and awe back into our art."

    "As I started to unpeel my Ninja uniform, the director approached me. "Congratulations, you're as stealthy as a jaguar!"

    Thought you folks might like to add your views to this. All and any ideas on how to go forward are also very welcome.

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    I've been reading on this site too long; whenever I see "Ninja," my eyes glaze over, and when I read the above, this is an example of what my ninja-addled brain was doing to me:

    " "I had fought many different martial artists from many different countries. Some of them were world champions known to be the most skilled men in the world, with great TITTIES, belts and fame."

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    I want to master the four elements just like Aang :)

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    This is his website if anybody is interested, also as it has been said on other forums he is also a freemason. Read into that however you want.

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