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    I tried being extremely conscious of my grip in practice and using 3 finger grips a little more. It seemed to help a little but sadly I think most of my wrist pain is from typing/mouse work. Took a week off of practice but put in some extra hours at work and mt hands/arms are just as sore. I guess Gi just irritates am already tired RSI.

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    If your pain is from keyboard and mouse work then it's easy to fix. I get the same thing after long periods of project work. Keep a hand gripper near your desk, just one of the cheapy ones, no need for a CoC or anything like that, and hit it for a few reps every couple of hours, then stretch your fingers, wrists, and forearms.
    Stretch by putting your hands together like you are praying, then bending your fingers back towards your wrist, first one way, then the other.
    Next stretch each finger individually towards the back of your hand, then roll your wrists out for a few seconds.

    Seriously, if I stick to doing that every 2-3 hours at work I don't get that annoying wrist and forearm pain and my grip doesn't get super weak for no reason.

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    I get the same thing. Mine is usually the outside of the wrist. I injured it about a year ago, and it has been nagging ever since. I have started wearing a wrist brace when I roll and that has helped a lot. I only roll nogi so the relaxed grip thing doesn't apply to me.

    I am behind a computer all day, so I wonder how much of that goes into play as well. I might start trying out the grip exercises that Kintanon recomends.

    Oh and I'm only 32 so I'm pretty pissed off that this is happening to me at this age!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jnp View Post
    Well then, I'll see if I can keep this here:

    @42, almost 43 my right arm, shoulder, neck had about had it. 20ish years of carpentry, Sambo, Judo, BJJ etc for "fun" I have a friend who is an exceptional
    accupuncturist that had been a big help but the most significant change was a sports&spine specialist who-for some reason-decided I was a cool dude and gave me a cut rate for his threapy.

    Mostly, the actual injury is above/below he locus of pain. As well, you can't release muscles that have tightens around the agitated nerve. It takes someone with extensive knowledge.

    On my own: if it's really killing me, I'll make an icebath in a beer-cooler and soak my arm as long as I can stand it, 15 minutes; then hot gel packs that I can warm in the microwave. Haven't had to do this since getting treatment from the Sports&Spine doctor.

    Anyway, some ramblings...
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