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    Quote Originally Posted by Emevas View Post
    This is the lesson to learn from the thread. Get away from the idiots, and train however you want.
    What Emevas said. A 300lbs olympic weight set isn't very expensive, around $100 I think. You can get a pair of 16kg kettlebells for a similar price and calistenics are free. Screw the gym and get creative. One of my favorite lifting tools was a keg I got from a scrap yard. Cost me $15 and it can take anything you can dish out.

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    I hit up for cheap home gym equipment, but I mean an actual full home gym. A rack, bench, various bars (SSB, trap bar, straight bar, what have you), bands, chains, dumbbells, mats, the full 9. One of the best investments I've ever made, and I'm always looking to add.
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    if i had it my way, the other room in my apartment would just be a home gym. would be awesome. unfortunately, my flatmate would beat my ass if i turfed her out to do it (no lies, shes a crazy ass cagefighter over from america)

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    The gyms near me are rubbish - I don't get to see anyone curling in the squat rack, leg pressing and acting all hard because they can move loads, or any other common complaints because the gyms don't have that sort of thing. All they have is rowers, exercise bikes and treadmills.

    Well, actually, they do have a couple of machines but they're basically for bench, squat, and pulldowns.

    There's no barbells or dumbells.

    I gave up after a few weeks and started building a home gym. I picked up a few dumbells first, then a bit more weight for them, then a barbell, a bench, more weight, a squat rack... it's taking a long time but I can get a decent workout at home.

    I really recommend the home gym setup. You don't need a ton of space (I've taken over the kitchen, it's a bit cramped - you couldn't do olympic lifts, for example, but it works for me). It's cheaper than a gym membership long term, and you can add whatever equipment you need as you feel you need it.

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