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    McDojo MMA Striking Program

    With the rise in popularity of MMA, and the public's general lack of knowledge as to what it actually entails, I present the following:


    Note the first program listed on the page:
    This program includes all aspects of MMA standup. You will learn striking techniques using your hands, feet, elbows, knees and shins, as well as footwork and defense. Combined with the Athletic Conditioning and Power Strike classes, this program provides everything you need to take you to the next level.
    So, I emailed and asked who was teaching their MMA striking program, and what their background was, and was sent what I assume is a boiler-plate in response:

    Our MMA Striking program is based on karate and kickboxing techniques using hands, feet, elbows, knees. It is a striking program, only, combined with our fitness programs for an all around workout. Our instructors are all black belt instructors with many years of experience.
    My followup email asking them to verify that their instructors weren't actually MMA fighters or coaches has, as of yet, not received a reply. I know, I know - I didn't really expect anything else.

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    Most of the staff just has "x degree blackbelt" by their names.

    Presumably promoted by the douvris brothers.

    There are a couple of "sport karate champions".

    I don't see any MMA records or names of anyone who has competed in MMA, but they call it "MMA Striking". Pretty much anything could be MMA striking - boxing, TKD, Karate. But I see 0 grappling, which leaves a gigantic gap in the striking training. Unless they don't strike while on the ground in Canada.
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