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    Supplementation exercises

    I've read a few weights/strength training books over the past year or so, often on the recommendation of some of the PT bullies here. One in particular, 'Kelso's shrug book', stood out to me in particular.

    I found the way in which Kelso uses shrug variations to supplement and subsequently improve the 'big three' lifts interesting, and this of course leads to my point.

    Are there any supplementation exercises you guys use to imrpove your main lifts? The lifts I am referring to in this case are mainly squats and deadlifts, however info on bench, power cleans etc is just as welcome.

    I've been considering introducing some exercises such as good mornings or straight leg deadlifts as supplements to my squat after a recent stall, as I feel the weakest part of my lift is my final hip extension. Is this likely to be beneficial or is it more likely my technique needs addressing?



    Are there any supplementation exercises you guys use to imrpove your main lifts?
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    There are several I've used, but specifity has been king. Really, my absolute favorite movement for improving squats has been safety squat bar squats, as the device placing a great strain on the upper back while freeing up the shoulders and still training the movement of a squat.

    Programming is pretty decisive here. You can't just throw in a movement and have it bring up a lift, it's gotta fit within a routine, and when training as a fighter, it's unlikely that you'll benefit much from supplementation exercises.
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    bench - dips, chain push ups, plyo explosive push ups, skullcrushers. sohp
    squat - (believe it or not) run stairs/uphill, box jumps, hack squat
    deadlift - good mornings, (again, believe it or not) run stairs/uphill


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