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    Taking "Weeping Style" JJ classes, wary of McDojo

    I'm a long time reader of Bullshido.net, and always appreciated the site's dedicated to rooting out bad martial arts, and promoting schools and styles that aren't a waste of time, and now I'm in a position to provide some first hand perspective on Weeping Style Jiu-Jitsu.

    For a bit of context, my only training is a free mma school where I screwed around for 3 months and learned the basics of stand up, as well as a tiny introduction to the ground game. The teachers and fighters were good, some of them doing very well in the local "Blood and Sand" fights in Biloxi, MS. After a bit of training my attention waned and I quit going; I heard the school closed down a bit after that.

    I found a friend at work that was into mma, with a TKD and Sport Grappling background (He apparently got a TKD black belt when he was younger, and then moved around the country and went to a few different mma gyms. His legitimacy as a fighter will be important later). Although he was too huge for me to seriously spar him (220 lbs vs 150), we spent a few months grappling, before once again I slowly lost interest.

    Now to the present; It's been a year since I've done any sort of combat sport, and I'm looking around for a school/gym. Although there are a few options around, my aforementioned friend teaches grappling at a local TKD place. I was excited at the prospect of Gi-Grappling and actually getting the clearly defined progress of a blue belt. But then, while discussing it with my friend, I learned the school actually offers something called "Weeping Style" JJ. Dismayed, I googled it and the first hit was, you guessed it, a thread on Bullshido. I read though it, and it seemed like it was a bogus system, but some of the teachers were pretty good.

    Now, I've no doubt my friend can teach me plenty about grappling, and the high level grappler from my mma gym who once came with me to his house never pulled my aside and said "this guy's full of crap", so it's not the quality of the training I'm really concerned with. It's not Bullshido that bothers me, it's McDojoism.

    The classes are ~100 a month, which right at the limit of what I want to pay, though it's cheaper then any other place around I know of around here (in grappling, that is, I'm SURE the boxing gyms would cost less). But I'm worried about the hidden costs, namely I'm concerned they'll hustle me through belts and take on testing fees, too much off that and I'm out.

    So anyway, I thought I'd offer up an insider's look at Weeping Style if anyone was interested, see what I think of the school and it's costs. I sign up next week.

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    Cool, after a few times there you can do a school review too if you are so inclined.
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