This sounds like a lot of fun was had by all except for the robber:

A daylight jewellery store raid was foiled yesterday when members of the public wrestled a masked robber to the ground.

Five sledgehammer-wielding thieves arrived on motorbikes and smashed their way into the shop on a busy London street, grabbing armfuls of watches from the front window.

But as they made their getaway, passers-by pulled one from his bike and pinned him down until police arrived.

The four remaining robbers, who wore dark clothing and balaclavas, fled the scene and tried to hide in a nearby park, but three were caught.

Among the heroes outside the Ernest Jones jewellery store in High Street Kensington was Charlie Masud Riyahi, 51, who wrestles as a hobby.
‘When one of them tried to get away a group of people surrounded him and closed his way,’ he said.

‘He was trying to scare us with the sledgehammer. But when he got on the motorbike, someone knocked him off.

‘I jumped on his back and pinned him down to the ground. It was all over in a fraction of a second.

‘I used to do wrestling so it was really easy. I wasn’t scared of him at all and after that other people came to help me.’

Sam Dolling, 20, an electrician who saw the incident unfold, said: ‘It was like something from a film.

‘It was great how everyone went to help the guy who tackled him. He was so brave.

‘You don’t expect to see that nowadays. Most people would have just let them get on with it.’

Police also seized a bag of loot, although some items are still missing and the total value of what was stolen is unknown.

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