Hey, I guess ill add this on here, no sense starting a new thread. If someone could answer this questions and the ones posted above I would be very grateful. Thanks

Grip Training:

2 sets of 10 warm-up gripper (clamp)

3 sets of 10 Trainer (can close but last reps are struggle)
1 set of 10 #1, negatives.

2 sets of 5 pinch grip holds with clamps.

Forearm roller until exhaustion.

2 sets of 10, trying to snap the trainer closed and holding. (Was recommended by trainer for wrestling due to people obviously wanting to put a lot of pressure on whatever your grabbing quickly.)

I've been doing this every other day but I feel that I could do at least the last part everyday. What do you guys think about doing some every day and about the workout in general?

Goals are to build a strong grip for Jiu Jitsu and wrestling.