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    Being a little short guy, I use stance changes to increase my effective range. For example, in a right foot forward stance, step the left foot in front while throwing a right hand.

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    Perhaps not the OP, but I think most of these posts come from "Man I get so frustrating sparring with southpaws#@[email protected]!%$ should I switch??"

    I personally have no problem sparring either southpaws or orthodox, given equal skill level. Though I'm much more experienced in sparring orthodox fighters from my southpaw stance, I find it that the techniques fall in place easier when its SP v SP. It starts to become a non-issue, and I imagine as you get into the mastery zone of striking then it starts to count.

    Other than that I have no input. I am not at the level where I feel like I can selectively use switched stances to consciously confuse my opponent or anything. it usually happens when I step in or I get circled by my opponent, and sometimes I just choose to stay in that stance because I'm desperate to get a shot in.
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    I also believe that switching stances is a gimmick, better left for the pro fighters in order to confuse the other guy. I dont see the point in switching stances during a sparring session' as a southpaw I usually have an easier time when the other guy also turns to a southpaw stance.

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