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    Precision Mixed Martial Arts

    This is by far my favorite gym that I have had the privelege of training at. The level of the instruction is extremely high and there are a good mix of competitors and non-competitors who train there.

    A typical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class: About 90 minutes
    Warm-Ups (10minutes): Dynamic motions connected to techniques in grappling.
    Takedown Drilling (5minutes): To continue to get warm various techniques are drilled back and forth with a partner.
    Dynamic Stretching (5minutes)
    Technique (30-40minutes): The instructor will teach 2 to 3 techniques depending on the complexity of the technique and how well the students are picking them up. The instructor roams the class to supervise and make sure everyone is picking up the intricate details of the move. Also each technique follows a curriculum and each class builds off one another. We might spend 3 weeks on half guard, then the next 3 weeks on passing half guard.
    Rolling/Sparring (30minutes): After the technique the rolling section is either broken into situational rolling where we focus on the technique that was just taught, ie if we went over side control escapes then that is where the rolling begins. After that we do full rolling from the feet. Generally 3-4 rounds of 5minute rolls.
    Passive Stretching (5minutes): After rolling we spend some time to really improve our plastic flexibility.

    Pros (Jiu Jitsu Class)
    Takedowns: I've been to dozens of gyms where all the rolling begins on the knees and takedowns are an afterthought. Not only are they drilled in every class but unless it is a large class (20+ people) all rolling begins from the feet.
    Variety: There is a good number of blue belts and a handful of purple belts in addition to people of various sizes from 100-300 lbs, so you will always have someone your size to roll with.
    Atmosphere: The other students all have a great attitude and there is no ego. I don't think I have met anyone at the gym who I didn't like.

    Cons (Jiu Jitsu):
    Skill Level: Occassionally brown belts will drop into class but that is uncommon. Aside from the main instructor, who is a black belt, the highest ranked are high level purple belts.

    Pros for the Overall Gym:
    Instruction: Each head instructor is a master of their discipline. Jiu Jitsu: Black belt and Professional Fighter. Muay Thai: Professional Fighter in MMA and Muay Thai, who trained and fought in Thailand. Wrestling: Competed in the Olympics twice for Greco-Roman Wrestling. Boxing: Amateur Fighter with over 40 boxing bouts.
    Instructors: The instructors really care if you learn and understand the techniques. When techniques are being learned the details are stressed. You aren't just a body, everyone matters to the instructors at this gym.
    Location: It is located in a mini-mall with a lot of parking options and it is immediately after a major parkway so it is easy to get to.
    Competition: The gym has a handful of professional and amateur mixed martial artists who fight regularly. Others from the gym also compete in boxing, muay thai and grappling bouts. You do not need to compete but those who wish to are able.

    Schedule: During the weekday there are no morning classes, most days begin at 3pm and go until 10pm.

    This is a fantastic gym and I have met some great people. I've trained a many other facilities and I feel very few places compare. You can learn a variety of styles and the schedule is very accomodating.
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