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Thanks for the in depth reaponse Zendokan. I don't necessarily agree, a MT guy throws his hips so far through and the pivot toe adds so much range and still keeps a solid base. Leaning back is great to kick off, the counter balance helps wonders but you're so off balance if someone blocks/jams and punches over the kick you're screwed. I've used it before on kickboxers and Savate guys alike, if the range closes it doesn't fair well for them, they don't train for it and often don't adapt to it well.

The Chasse long kick (sorry my spelling is shocking) is cool, as I keep saying but holds no more range than a hop-step teep or low kick.
Savate wears shoes which allow you to use areas of your foot that you can't in bare feet and that effects the range

I think ...who knows ... sounds reasonable though