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    Lump under my right knee

    As the title says I have developed a lump about 2 inches below my right knee and slightly on the right side of my leg which is quite hard to touch. The weird thing is I had this lump a couple of months back and it went away all on its own but now its back and slighlty bigger, probably about 1/3 inch wide. I'm assuming this is something similar to the lump I had on my wrist years ago caused by lifting weights which I had syringed out at the local hospital, I think they called it a gangling??.
    Anyway I have an appointment with my GP on Monday so hoepfully I can get this one syringed out too.
    Anyone else had anything similar?

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    Its probably just another 'gangling' or whatever they called it, or a calcium buildup? All I can say is - don't take any chances and get it checked out quick.
    I am a cancer survivor and always advise people to jump on things like that -just in case.I waited too long and almost paid the price with my life.
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    A ganglion cyst while possible on the knee, is somewhat uncommon there.
    Back of the wrist is the most common location.
    Definitely get a doc to look at it just to be sure.


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