Magnetic Body Skills

Internal Skills of Jiulong Baguazhang

Magnetic Body: A Li Family Neigong Art

A Seminar With John P. Painter, PhD

Legends tell of an amazing martial ability that allowed an internal
martial art master to control the movements of his enemy with the
lightest of touch and in come cases without touching him at all. These
legends that seem like magic are in fact true. The secret however is not
magic, but a subtle manipulation of an individual's nervous system by
the master. Dr. John Painter of the Li family Daoqiquan lineage was
taught these amazing skills as a boy by Grand Master Li, Long-dao. He is
presenting this amazing art in a workshop entitled Magnetic Body Skills.
Come learn the truth behind the legend and discover that with just a
small amount of practice you to can use your Magnetic Body Skills on
others. This is an ideal skill for anyone in any style of martial art
and also for body-workers who want to go more deeply into their ability
to "touch" the client.

Date: Friday, December 17, 2010
Time: 7-10 P.M.
Location: Boston Ultimate Fitness
33 Harrison Ave. 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

Cost: $65.00
Beginners Welcome!

Please join us for this exciting event!

Also, on Saturday and Sunday, December 18 and 19th, we will begin our
examination of using Yi Xin Gong material of Jiulong Baguazhang with walking and moving.
Beginners are welcome, but you must attend Saturday's session to take part in Sunday's training.

For more information visit or call 617-595-8097 or email [email protected]