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Thread: Thai Pads

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    I like the velcro over buckles because they're easier to switch with your partner if you do a lot of that sort of thing (my sifu had us switch pads often; I always thought it was a better idea to switch pads less often).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamresa View Post
    Thanks for your input, guys. Points well taken regarding Velcro vs. buckles.

    I asked the guy for pictures of both pads (he was really patient with me), and the Thaismai ones actually look better constructed - 6 handle rivets vs. 4, for example - and they have a slight curve to them. For $75 I figure I'll try them. Even better, apparently while I was e-mailing him he was unpacking a box so he said he'd throw in a pair of Thaismai shorts, too.
    Folks, my Thaismai pads arrived today. The dimensions on the website are accurate. I put one of them on my scale and it weighs 3 lb., 9 oz. I put an older medium Twins pad on the scale and it weights 3 lb., 1 oz. The Thaismai pad is about 1/2 in. taller (even though it's slightly curved) and maybe 1/4 in. thicker. Once I get a chance to use it I'll let you know.

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    We had those at my gym. The only complaint i had was that the velcro had completely worn off of the pads after about a year, rendering them effectively useless. Keep in mind, that's a year with every day use.

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    Twins or Fairtex are the best Thai pads.. Buckles of coarse... Forget velcro. Windy makes good micro mitts for boxing and elbows. And Top King makes a nice curved Thai Pad for knees. This is what we use at our place. Nak Muay Gym King of Prussia, PA...Good luck with your purchase!

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